Remembering Bill Paxton

It is with great sadness that we heard of the passing of Bill Paxton on Sunday. Over his career, he had dozens of memorable roles and was an acting legend. The Western genre was no stranger to Bill, he had feature roles in multiple films. One of these roles was as Randall McCoy, the patriarch…

Slaughter at Garnerstone Rock

As we’re playing and testing the game we frequently have epic battles. This is the remains of such a fight. The Hatfields set an ambush up at the choke point between the rocks which involved bear traps and a smoke bomb allowing them to surround their enemies and unleash hell. The lonely corpse of one…

Ready, Set…Action!

We’re pleased to announce that in game cinematics are being added to every mission in all three story campaigns. We wanted to really get into the characters and make them even more exciting and well developed and cinematics were just the way to do it.


Big Site Update

We’ve been busy updating the site with all kinds of new stuff. You can find a whole section on Western Saga, the meta game mode as well as shots of the greatly updated talent and item UIs. One of our team members will also be at Steam Dev Days this week.