Western Saga

Western Saga is Feud’s metagame where you get to build a western empire and battle it out with other factions on a map.

Epic Strategy

Saga puts you in charge of a town and sets you on the journey to claim the whole territory as your own. There are three other factions who have the same idea in mind, they’ll do anything to drive you out or make you dead!



The world is populated with dynamic events. You’ll never know what that mysterious old cabin hold, if a ferocious bear might tear you up, or if a trader’s camp is teeming with danger. The other side of it is positive events where unexpected rewards show up out of nowhere.



Recruit hired guns to aid your conquest. Keep them alive and they can become powerful allies. Get better horses to navigate the world more freely.


As your enemies gain power you’ll need to pick a strategy and research upgrades that give you an advantage. Will you upgrade your heroes, focus on weapons or shoot for abilities that let you control more of the map?