The heart of Feud is a turn based tactics game. It features an easy to use interface and interesting characters, enemies and maps to fight on. A lot of the inspiration for the size and feel of the battles came from tabletop tactics games as well as what all of us loved about other turn based games. On top of that are many new elements like showdowns, shootouts, an ARPG styled item system and RPG like character abilities and development.


Character Development

Each character in Feud is fully personalized with their own animations, special abilities, talents and more. As you play you’ll be able to develop them as you go along discovering unique strategies by combining the different types of things the characters can do.



Items help you further customize your character. You can collect items that allow you to emphasize specific builds including unique, character specific legendary items.



Play Modes

Feud currently contains both a story mode with multiple storylines and an Endless mode with dynamic challenges that’ll test even the most skilled player. Western Saga is a meta game conquest mode which is currently in development. We hope to continue to expand Feud even more with additional interesting play modes.