Showdown Moves

One of the big things that came up during development was finding a way to replicate the heroic moves you see in films. After toying with making it a part of the character moves we came up with the idea to make it specific to the weapon.

The result, each classic western weapon has a special move that gets trigger in moments of heroism. When you kill an enemy that character can trigger an inspired/heroic mode that lasts for 2 turns, grants them massive bonuses, an additional action point and the use of the specific weapon move.

Gun Fan

The Gun Fan is one of the most versatile moves. You can either use it to suppress an enemy in cover or as an all-out attack against an exposed enemy.

Gun Dive

A classic, pistols blazing gun dive! It’s a powerful attack that also offers a bit of extra movement. You could, choose to engage out in the open and use the dive to move to cover.

shotgun-iconBull Rush

Bull Rush is a powerful charge move which you can use to knock over enemies and as extra, no cost movement.


Deadeye is an improved lookout mode that allows the rifleman to react and attack any moving enemy with an unlimited number of uses in a single round.

rifle-iconMarked Target

Marked Target lets the sharpshooter designate an enemy. Anyone who attacks the enemy get a massive damage bonus and the enemy is always viewable, even when behind tall cover.

knife-iconSet to Kill

Set to Kill is a deceptively effective defense that can be turned into an offense. When you enable it, any time the knife user is shot they’ll move to the shooter and perform an attack. There is no limit, meaning you could effectively attack the whole enemy posse as free actions.