Preacher Thomas

preacher-fullUp until five years ago Winston Thomas had never held a gun. He was a devout preacher with a small congregation on the outskirts of a settlement in Oklahoma. His church was a small group of good hearted folk who intended no harm to anyone.

The Clancy Gang, a notorious group of liars, cheats and murderers passed through their territory. They descended on the church so fast there was no time to react. Thomas reached out a hand to beg for mercy for his flock and the leader shot straight through it sending him to the ground. As his vision faded into unconsciousness he witnessed the destruction of all he had built and the lives of those how built it with him.

He awoke filled with pain and surrounded by the corpses of his friends and followers. Something changed in him. Like a man possessed he retrieved his father’s gun, long kept in storage. Nursing himself back to full health he trained night and day until his prowess with the gun equaled his knowledge of the good book.

Preacher Thomas believes his survival was no accident. He was chosen to rid the world of the filthy souls who seek to harm those weaker than themselves. Thomas hunted down the worst of the worst and has sworn to continue to do so until the land is cleansed and safe for good folk.