Kaitlyn Winspear


Kaitlyn grew up in New York city with wealth and privilege. However, no amount of gold or dollars could ever cool the restlessness inside of her. In her teens while other girls were swooning over steel jawed gents she was reading chemistry books and perfecting her athletic skills. Kaitlyn had big dreams which eventually led her out into the west.

Kaitlyn marketed herself as a bounty hunter. Due to her immense personal wealth, she only chose to take on marks with interesting rewards or particularly vile tendencies. In her early years she was often not taken seriously, which forced her to get people’s attention in more direct ways. Over the years Kaitlyn built a fearsome reputation, nobody underestimates her anymore.

Over the years, Kaitlyn maintained her studies and her trademark is a series of poisons and chemical compounds of her own making. She’s in peak physical condition and has mastered multiple weapons and fighting techniques. Kaitlyn’s status and upbringing taught her how to handle herself in any social gathering and she can manipulate with words as well as her weapons.

Her clients have included everyone from the Pinkertons to penniless urchins.

Where the future lies for Kaitlyn even she isn’t sure. For now she enjoys the thrill of the wilds!